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(This page is as much for my own information as yours, so bear with me.)

Having wrestled with the question “What is Balloonland about?” I have come to the following likely items:

1. Mindfulness – regarding oneself, one’s actions, the predetermined stuff and preconceptions of your culture, etc etc.  Everything you or I do will impact something in all likelihood in a negative way. We’ve been taught to ignore that.

2. A non-religious, modern, and actionable interpretation of the teachings of the Buddha. He didn’t want us to sit around looking all smug because we can name all the names in the Buddhist tradition we’ve decided to follow. He wanted us to try and reduce suffering. The Buddha’s teaching generally becomes a lot of socialist thought when you try and apply it, at least in my view.

3. Pointing out and/or making fun of the dogmatic and abusive stuff we live with. Attempting to get myself/others to get all excited about same.

4. Drawing cartoons.

5.  Self examination.


Written by balloonhed

July 12, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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