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A Nation of Bullying Victims

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So,  apparently Stephen Harper continues to be in power with the votes of 40% (or less) of Canadians. The rest of us are too divided or disillusioned to vote cohesively, or even turn out.

This seems like a classic bullying scenario – a bunch of people cowering, afraid to draw attention to themselves as a smaller, more active minority parades around crowing. We’re afraid of Harper’s dead gaze and his lame insisting that the nation will be a charred hulk without him. We’re concerned the alternatives aren’t as “competent” has him. In the end, though, we could easily take him and all his cronies if we stood up and banded together.

So You Don’t Respect Iggy – Who Cares?

Being unwilling to back a challenger to a bully is also another form of bullied behaviour.  The bully scares me, I don’t want to risk anything. You go ahead and challenge him, I’ll be on board when you succeed.

What does it matter if you respect him? Respect for politicians is a passing thing anyhow – look how poor Obama has fallen. Voters, not having to make the decisions or take the risks themselves, are fickle and quick to blame.  Being disliked and disrespected is an occupational hazard for politicians that I’m sure they fully take into account when they  step up to the job.

Furthermore Iggy and Layton, or even Duceppe,  will hardly get enough power to manifest any massive negative effects if they turn out to be incompetent or dangerous.  At best (worst) it would be a minority government that had to kowtow to other interests. The winner would have a term to win your respect and belief in his/her competence.

There will never be a “perfect” candidate. That’s the nature of politics and politicians – politicians are individuals who have certain abilities that allow them to come up with compromises that aren’t totally abhorrent to everyone involved.

You Need to Vote

You might think you’re being clever not voting to protest what you think is a bad system or a bland selection  of choices. You’re only impressing yourself, because while you sit there patting yourself on the back, everyone else is deciding how everything around you will function. Change is unlikely to happen if the people demanding the change have decided not to answer any questions about it.

Vote Splitting – Just Don’t Do It

Harper’s biased, non-representative rule of our nation has tilted the playing field. The nation has slid further to the right than ever before, and it’s likely no one is aware of the full implications.  Canada’s true nature as a leftist nation is reflected in the constant  comments that “the Canadian Progressive Conservatives would’ve been seen as Democrats in the United States,” and the variety of left-leaning parties that continue to get support.

A tilted playing field is not the time to start splitting leftist hairs. You will be voting for Harper if you insist on voting for a leftist party with no hope of winning when there is a left or left-centre party in your riding that has a better chance of of preventing a Harper victory. Voting for long shots is something you can do when we’re back at an even keel.  Vote swap. Give money instead of a vote to your preferred party. The time will come.


Written by balloonhed

April 20, 2011 at 1:17 pm

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