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You Need to Vote, Especially if you Like to Complain.

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If you’re a Canadian, you have to vote in the coming federal election. Vote for the Conservatives if you have to – it makes my skin crawl and draws your character and good judgment into question,  but hopefully I don’t know you.

If you don’t vote, you’ve lost you right to complain about anything that can be remotely connected to the economy or government on any level. In other words, you can complain about things like the wart on your foot (but not about how long it takes to see a doctor, the expense of filling the prescription), your crabby aging parent (but not about difficulties in getting them care or housing) or your interpersonal relationships, as long as the anecdotes you bring up do not involve differences in politics, trouble getting jobs, or interpretations of your personal rights.

If you’re very wealthy or a major player in a large corporation and vote conservative, you shouldn’t have anything to complain about that matters, beyond the anoying protesters you have to fight your way through to get to work, or how long it take to get the newst luxury car delivered to your local dealer.

If you’re not wealthy and vote conservative, you need to stop reading the Sun, starting actually looking into current events, and stop believing stuff just because it was told to you by someone very loudly.  You also need to acknowledge that you, too, could possibly be someone needing social services or medical care some day, and that you’re not likely to become one of the ultra-rich who doesn’t need government provided things like roads, police, or education.

If you are an individual of any lefty or humanist stripe, or you enjoy Canadian social infrastructure as it has existed for the last little while, you, as far as I’m concerned, are a major part of the problem that has culminated in repeated governments under Mr. Harper.  You may not care for the “other choices” – I myself have lost faith in Mr. Layton due to his emphasis on wheeling and dealing, famous to my mind for bringing down Mr. Martin and enabling Harpo in the first place – but they’re a vast improvement such an obvious enemy of things you apparently believe yourself to support. Your not voting brings pretty much anything you manage to fire off (including “Good Morning”) into question. You lose any credentials regarding lefty or humanist leanings, and reduce yourself to almost a non-intelligent  parasite status when it comes to the benefits of Canadian society – just drifting through it, not contributing anything.

You may not be voting because you think your vote will be wasted voting with your beliefs for someone who cannot possibly win. Please visit the the Vote Pair website, where you can register to swap your vote with someone else, hopefully making the whole thing a little more effective for you.


Written by balloonhed

April 10, 2011 at 10:34 am

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