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Vote Conservative – Save Canada

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Walking down the street with the kids, I saw what appeared to be a new take on the “Support Our Troops” ribbon on the back of a pickup truck parked in front of a depressed-looking row house on noisy, dirty Pinecrest Road. I was very surprised to see it actually said,

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada”

The first thing that troubled me about this was the y rude co-opting of the “Support Our Troops” ribbon for political purposes. I’m not sure the origin, I assume it’s either a variation of the spectrum of ribbons we have for all sorts of causes, and/or the Captain and Tenniel song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon.” Either way, It’s a cheesy attempt to take over a symbol, and the sympathies of people who like and support the original message “Them lefties don’t like war, so they hate soldiers – Vote Conservative!”

The second thing that troubled me about this decal was . . . what are the conservatives going to save Canada from? I guess the format of the ribbon didn’t leave room for the entire message. I can guess:

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada from Democracy.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada from a lot of embarrassing secrets being revealed when the government changes.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada from being ruled by an intellectual humanist who’s internationally recognized as an expert on human rights issues.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada from fiscal prudence”

Or, maybe, they also forgot the possessive ‘s’ on the end of “Canada”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada’s richest 100 people from some financial inconvenience.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada’s corporate citizens from having to pay too many taxes.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada’s lobbyists from being embarrassed when they efforts come to nothing.”

“Vote Conservative – Save Canada’s Citizens from having to think about annoying stuff like how government works.”

The final thing that troubled me about this decal was where I saw it – on a truck parked in front of a drpressed-looking row house on noisy, smelly Pincrest Road. It makes me wonder –

  • Does a very stingy, but otherwise incredibly wealthy individual live there, and is concerned that a non-conservative government will mess up the sweet corporate taxes racket he’s got going on?
  • Is the family that lives there being visited by an obnoxious wealthy relative?
  • Is the owner of the truck in fact not wealthy at all, but been taken in by the Conservative’s constant use of misdirection, bullying, and tried-and-true suggestion that “If you vote with Us, you’ll become one of Us?”

Given this sighting occurred in Bairdland, where John Baird rules apparently supreme and unshakable, I have to assume the last condition is the correct one. I recently read (I’ll link it when I find it again, I believe it was a Globe and Mail article) that only 5% of Canadians vote solely on the merits of their local MP – the majority of the time, the vote is being cast for the leader. I’ve also constantly read that the Canadian public apparently thinks about politics like some sort of mass mind, and collectively chooses what end of the political spectrum currently supports its interests best. Given I’m convinced that “Harper’s Conservatives” have jumped off the path of Canadian Conservatives and are madly running in a direction of their own (in the direction of Alberta), it’s very sad to think that people are willing to overlook his disdain for Canadian democratic process, and social structure just because they think Harper is providing something the nation needs. Or that the canadian public is suffering from a traditional disdain of Canadians of who have succeeded abroad, to Harper’s benefit.






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