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Stephen Harper is not Governing for You.

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Stephen Harper is not governing for you. He is thinking of you, in a way, the same way one would think of a troublesome but potentially valuable resource, like tar sands. He wants to get your useful byproducts, like approval, votes and labour, but those benefits are tarnished by the necessity of providing things in return. He’s working very hard on changing that. Like anyone involved in exploiting a resource with negative side-effects, he is willing to make all sorts of promises, dribble out skewed examples and arguments, and produce wholly-owned experts who spout opinions that back up his actions. Like the propaganda surrounding a negative impact industry, all of this hot air causes you, the listener (and resource in this case), to hesitate and feel doubt/belief long enough for him to inch his agenda forward. he is depending on our desire and willingness to believe in a happy ending where we all win to get our cooperation.

Harper is not governing for you if you have to work for a living, have children, are a member of a minority, work for the government, believe in art, music, or culture of any sort, expect to be helped out or cared for when old, sick or unemployed, have a safe and rational place to live and work, appreciate the environment, or would like any sort of personal autonomy. He is very willing, and indeed depends on your being made to believe you are, or soon will be, one of the people he is governing for. His cause has a large role for fanatical nonmembers who believe their devotion will grant them entry, as this, in a way, is what he is.

He is governing for you, and thinking of you, if you’re one of the very rich. He’s governing for you if you’re capable of protecting your own interests with large quantities of money under all circumstances. He’s governing for you if you’re a member of any of the clubs that sit on the boards of large corporations and can expect favours from each other. He’s trying to create for you a place where the production of wealth is the only important criteria. All other considerations pale before this one.

A perfect society to Harper would be one where the government exists to give legitimacy to the actions of the very rich and their business interests, to encourage business activity, and to control the human resources. Pastimes and other pursuits (i.e., spirituality, fulfilment) need to be simplified to a basic set – a default religion, wealth, and demonstrating wealth.

Currently, our government and society is tooled out to many functions which doesn’t suit him at all. Currently, it provides for the needs of a broad range of human conditions, allows for many points of view, encourages many sorts of pastimes and behaviours, and provides jobs and sources of income which in turn fuel a large civilian economy. It generally doesn’t do any of these things in a spectacular manner, but that is the side-effect of having such a large mandate.

To retool our government, and society, Harper is doing a number of things. Firstly, he is destroying accountability in all levels of the federal government and concentrating decision-making into his immediate area of effect. This undertaking causes a certain amount of squawking, but it is worth it as it will ultimately allow even more outrageous changes to be made, unnoticed. The most obvious example of this is the census rumble. The census is an obvious target for Harper, as it legitimizes and identifies facts about the country that are outside of his concern, annoying minutiae that enables and encourages levels of government intervention he’s seeking to do away with.

He is also attempting (and succeeding) in turning views on governance exclusively into an argument about money. He is telling us that all other political parties want to take your money, in a way that makes us believe that we are a member of the very wealthy and this is truly a concern to us. He has boiled it down to his criteria, the production of wealth, and we’re buying it, forgetting the value of taxes paid, of the safety and security that gets us. he is making us forget about the larger society that we live in and depend upon that is enabled by our government. He is making us believe that a society that shows compassion towards all its members is hampering us, we’d all be doing spectacularly well if we just didn’t have this albatross around our necks.

Of course, He is willing to admit there will be losers in such a perfect world. Thus all the new prisons.


Written by balloonhed

March 25, 2011 at 1:58 pm

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  1. republished in this time of potential voting opportunity.


    March 25, 2011 at 4:44 pm

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