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I Love You

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I saw this spray-painted in large red letters on a wall from a bus on the way to work this morning. I don’t know what the author’s intention was – They may have been trying to impress someone with their willingness to prove their affection, they may have been expressing sarcasm over the large view of graffiti, or they may have genuinely been trying to tell passerby that the author loved them. I took it in the last way, as that’s how things often work – it’s not the intention behind the creation, but what people decide to get from it. Like “Married With Children.,” for instance. It made me smile. I like to imagine it made other people happier, too, an unexpected positive and affectionate statement in the middle of a cold morning.

I can get behind a statement like “I Love You (All).” Despite its flaws, which derive mostly from an evolutionary legacy of coming to often arbitrary group solutions to an issue based on circumstantial evidence, entrusting said decision to dogma or a leader, then blindly following it until it fails catastrophically,  humanity is a very interesting bunch of people. Once you get past all the survival posturing and equipment, which can be tough, they’re OK. Despite being mocked for it on occasion, i still believe every one has  area they could excel in, and the shame of it is that most will never find it due to the many factors at play all the time. We all have the potential for all possibilities . . . it’s a shame (or possibly a blessing) that the world has evolved to encourage people to sag in the middle rather than shine at the extremes.


Written by balloonhed

March 4, 2011 at 11:54 am

Posted in Cultural Dogma, humanist, Thought Out

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