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“50K to Let Punks Paint”

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This was the headline on the Ottawa Sun this morning. I didn’t read the article since reading the Sun is, uh, against my religion (Humanistic-Siddarthan Openmindedness, Reformed). I gather it may or may not be about a City of Ottawa effort to give people a place to graffiti. Of course, the headline spins it in a classic “It’s not what I grew up with, so it’s bad” attitude that the readers of the Sun (or viewers of the Fox network) have come to expect. I don’t like what you’re doing, and I don’t want to discuss it: Let’s fight.

Individuality, creativity and self-expression will squeeze out of any and every crack it can find. Better to have a possibly-failing program that allows people to paint up certain places than having them painting other things you’d rather they didn’t. The resulting legal complications of nabbing, prosecuting, punishing, and “rehabilitating” graffiti artists would no doubt have a price tag far higher than $50,000.


Written by balloonhed

March 3, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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