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Suck in Your Gut

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I’ve always puzzled over the term “Suck in Your Gut.”  Since my teens (when i had a terrible body image), I’ve been aware of the fact i can “Stick out my gut” consciously, which in my more recent musings makes me wonder if I’ve been a lifetime gut sucker-inner.  If i stick it out these days, it looks more like the tummy of men my age that i secretly tsk tsk at for not making more of an effort keeping themselves in better shape. Yet, sticking it out is an uncomfortable conscious effort, and um, not sticking it out seems normal – am i such a habitual gut sucker-inner that it’s uncomfortable not to? I can also suck it in more, if i try, but doing so is also unc0mfortable.

This leads me to further wonder – are all men who don’t have largely protruding tummies sucking it in? Have we all schooled ourselves to habitually do it? Is the image of a healthy man based on some mass self-deception? Wouldn’t surprise me.  I’m by no means a perfect physical specimen – I have been steadily losing weight for various reasons as I get older, and can possibly boast/exaggerate  a “two pack” or a “four pack” during summers where I get to spend more time hanging around and riding my bike (which loosely translates to “summers where I’m between contracts and happy i can hang out outside instead of in a cube, but unhappy because i’m spending and not making money”), but looking at images of men with bona fide muscle-y stomachs gives me enough tell-tale commonalities to conclude that if I’m sucking it in, so are they.

So, then: all these scammy-looking websites that insist they will tell you the secret of a tight tummy are just holding back the statement “Suck It In?”


Written by balloonhed

February 22, 2011 at 11:45 am

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