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Working Sucks.

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Well, not all working.  It all generally sucks in that your time suddenly belongs to someone else. It specifically sucks if it’s clear to you they have no idea how to use your time properly.  But, as long as they keep supplying one with units of exchange, and one keeps participating* in this system,  there’s little room for complaint.

In this specific instance, Working Sucks because it impedes the amount of online complaining your humble author can do (i.e., Blogging).


Working’s OK if you’re doing something you might be doing anyhow, unpaid, with your time. Usually, however, I don’t plan on sitting in a cube wondering what to do next. Thus my dilemma.



*Participation in the system of exchanging personal time for money, and use of said money,  signifies personal endorsement and support of the larger infrastructure the sale of time and money is part of. Misgivings and complaints don’t figure.


Written by balloonhed

February 14, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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