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The following things are Crap: stuff that may amuse in the moment, but will eventually end up in a junk drawer or box of miscellaneous stuff. And likely broken.

• Non-brand-name toys made in China (especially those annoying little rip-off toy cars that lose their wheels immediately)

• Pretty much anything put in a kid’s “loot bag” from a party.

• Toys that come in fast food kid’s meal in order to make kids make you buy them.

• Almost anything from a “dollar store” that isn’t bought with a specific purpose in mind (i.e., nails, tape). And, more often than not, once the specific purpose they were bought for is met, they become crap: I’ve had the misfortune to cross paths with a number of one- or two-use dollar store screwdrivers, for instance.

• 90% of stuff for sale at shopping mall kiosks.

• Kid’s stickers

• Virtually everything in a souvenir store or stall at a fair/carnival/etc

Crap is a modern innovation that comes out of the consumer desire to fill a hole with something. Usually, that hole is an instant gratification urge or some desire to express individuality by owning unusual or unique (to your immediate world) Crap. Children are especially vulnerable to the Crap urge, and parents, in their efforts to quell the cries, are the biggest enablers of Crap vendors. Holidays and special events are also big entry-points for crap – the urge to fill a stocking with “novelties” often results in a bunch of stuff that seems amusing in the moment, but just breaks and otherwise gets left around to annoy.

I speculate that the propagation of Crap is as big a threat as bigscreen teevees and cars to the long-term health of the world. It’s largely unnoticed – it doesn’t get advertised on teevee, and is very cheap. I suspect it would be difficult to find out how much Crap is manufactured and sold every year.

We need to realize the negative impact Crap has on us and our environment. We need to stop enabling the production of Crap.


Written by balloonhed

February 2, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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