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I had the flu

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I had the flu and spent Monday sleeping, during which time i had the following dreams:

1) That i was a case of 650g yogourt containers that had been damaged in transit – i was concerned that i would be discarded without being used, and hid in the back of the delivery truck to escape notice.

2) That the Higgs Bosun is God, and is playing with us. This no doubt derived from reading this article in a early-morning fit of flu denial, but was reinforced by this later that day.  It’s all wonderful anti-omniscient science stuff which i’ll utilize eventually, i’m sure.

3) That I was employed as a tutor for a reclusive celebrity’s young child.  We all lived on an isolated island. I had signed a 4 year contract, but two years in wanted out.  My employer felt my point of view was irrelevant, and given we were on an isolated island and all, it was.


Written by balloonhed

January 25, 2011 at 11:11 am

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