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Our eight-year-old wanted to stay up after his bed time. I made a deal: he could stay up an extra half hour if he promised not to make a fuss when the time came. “OK,” he said.

When a half hour was up, I escorted him to his bed. He immediately started to complain and sass. I reminded him of our deal.

“Oh, I don’t care about the deal anymore – I already got what I wanted.”

It sounds childish, but it’s the model being repeated by so many adults in the world. The truly wealthy only achieve that state by exploiting the infrastructure of the society they live in. “Oilmen” get there because of the millions of people who drive cars, the corporations that turn oil into stuff for the millions, etc. Having achieved wealthy status, many such people are claiming that societal considerations like government and social safety nets are useless, and they’d like to see them gone – in fact, such individuals use their money-derived influence to see this come into being, and often enter politics just to make the world more perfect for their own concerns.

The behaviour is similar in the treatment of the Earth – It has provided a living through being exploited, and nothing bad has come of exploiting it – Clearly, we’re off the hook as far as reciprocating goes.

It’s easy to forget or disregard something that gets to be taken for granted. This tendency has been the downfall of many previous human civilizations. Such things need to be looked at, checked for health now and then.

Should the rich be taxed at a higher rate? of course, until there is some sort of limit placed on personal wealth. There is merit in working hard and pursuing risks, but there must also be homage paid to the means these people used to get there.


Written by balloonhed

January 21, 2011 at 9:22 am

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