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WordPress is challenging its users to up their posting. It appeals to me, because I usually have more that i want to say than i actually get around to publishing (my “draft” panel is chock full). In the end,¬† is it just colourful noise, a type of vanity publishing, or is it useful?

WordPress wants blogging to thrive because it thrives on blogging. it doesn’t care what’s being said, as long as it’s blogged. I blog partially to gel insights and theories¬† for my own use, but also to help people understand and do some gelling of their own, and hopefully to demystify and educate. Can Blogging actually do this? I wonder what the true effect of having an increase in blogging will have – does a million miniature highly-biased newspapers and their individual editorial sections really make a difference in the world? Does it just increase the level of useless information that has to be drowned out before any one person can find what’s real to them? Recently, there have been these ongoing research findings that people only understand and accept stuff that supports their world view – are we all just preaching to our own particular choirs?

I don’t make any real efforts to publicize my blog (i.e, by visiting and commenting on like-minded blogs, soliciting connections with other information sources, etc etc), so i don’t have anyone but myself to blame if i don’t think my stuff is getting read.¬† i imagine that’s a real obstacle to many would-be bloggers – they may have something really useful to say, but the fear of failure in the undertaking can be overwhelming. I do get a small but steady stream of readers, and have received praise for my content, but it is still a big leap of faith to pursue the activity – it’s sometimes so much easier to relax, forget about finishing yet another cranky bit about mindless consuming, and go play a video game or something like my little lazy caveman brain insists i should.


Written by balloonhed

January 13, 2011 at 10:21 pm

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