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Observations and Procedure when Unilaterally Ceasing the Use of Antidepressants

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(Old web site junk. Someone my a comment that reminded me of it, so here it is.)

Having been recently informed by my physician that the CDN government’s position on the use of antidepressants has changed significantly (FROM “Used as a therapy device” to “Used permanently and in high enough doses to render the patient a functional fuzzy member of society till they croak”), I feel obligated to share his experiments and conclusions in this arcane realm of knowledge.

1. Observations

Depending on your exact preparation and method of Unilateral Cessation, you can expect any of the following:

  • Initial euphoria and a feeling of “having it under control” derived from a desire to “slip the leash.”
  • Head spins that are inconvenient, or render you incapable of talking or walking.
  • The opposite of the “decreased sex drive” most antidepressant literature warns of.
  • obsessive behavior that may or may not be harmful to you or passerby.
  • Anxiety that may or may not be harmful to you or passerby.
  • Grief from your physician or other Prescribing Entity.

2. Theoretical Process for unilaterally Ceasing the Use of antidepressants

Preparation – Ensure you have the following prior to beginning:

  • An adequate source of income that is not dependent your being available to participate in anything at any time.
  • an appreciation of the fact you may not end up doing your laundry as much as you’d like.
  • Someone to do your groceries and other essentials and/or someone to go out with you on binges of whatever you binge on, so they can be available should you crash/get beat up/suddenly curl up into a ball.
  • Something to obsess on – computer games, food, a favorite book, etc.
  • Some form of self-expression that can take abuse – writing, getting tattooed (getting tattooed in the grip of a mood is always a good idea), drawing/art, creating web pages.
  • Watch “Trainspotting”, particularly the part where he’s preparing to quit heroin.
  • No access to news media, especially if your inclined towards anxiety side-effects.
  • Get rid of all your clocks (unless you’re inclined towards “what am i forgetting to do” anxiety) and put blackout curtains on all windows. replace all light bulbs with e broad spectrum variety (the kind that simulate natural light)

Method – Choose one:

    1. Suddenly, based on concrete decision or poor planning that leaves you without any, stop taking your antidepressants. Lie down on something comfortable and plan to remain there for a season or two.
    2. Methodically reduce your dosage until you’re not taking any.

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January 10, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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