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The Holiday Season Always Fills Me With the Urge to Deface Public Advertising

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OK, the holiday season and forgetting to take my meds.

For better or worse, however, I’m a responsible member of society with kids,  who aspires to having a job again some day, so I refrain.  I’m also ill-prepared to do it properly, since I feel defacement should carry a message for those who don’t care to think about the negative aspects of the stuff they buy and look at, or are just plain ignorant of these aspects.

Going home and dropping into a grocery store after dropping one of the kids at daycare, for instance, brought the following editorial possibilities to mind:

  • A splat of some undesirable substance on a poster for a “extreme fighting” bout to be shown at a local pub, featuring two guys that look like something out of a GI Joe cartoon (the white guy had Kanji tattooed over his heart – i wonder if he just thought it looked cool, or actually knows what it said).  And/or the statement “watching this will NOT turn you into one of these guys”.
  • “repackaged and neutralized subculture for your pathetic efforts to buy cool”  stickers for placement over the logo of a omnipresent corporate colonialist coffee shop.
  • “sacrifices newborn health for profit$” stickers for displays of product by an unnamed multinational corporation and its many stealthy affiliates and brands.
  • “slavery and environmental disregard saves YOU money”  for a certain american mega-retailer, and, well, most other retailers.
  • “Because penis enlargement might hurt and would definitely take too long” banners to be added in front of luxury car dealers.
  • “Because you’re important enough to warrant the use of large ships that sail around leaving a trail of sewage and garbage that would make a town proud” banners for travel agencies that tout cruises.

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