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Black Friday

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I haven’t researched the source of the name, so I chose to interpret “Black Friday” as a negative thing. It sums up all that is repugnant in the collective behavior of the citizens of the U.S.A. – Full blinders-on self indulgence, ignore your collapsing infrastructure, abandoned houses, unemployed masses, sick and uncared for young and minorities, deny the impact your crazed consumption has on the social and environmental health of the rest of the world as it is hypnotized by the false images you splash out and tries to become you. An imbecile sitting in front of a leaking dam masturbating instead of trying to fix the leaks before the whole thing collapses.

I also seek it as a compression of the behavior we all indulge in, especially those of us living in North America. The fact that Black Friday is still so huge and various parties are trying to import it to Canada indicates we still have a lot to learn.


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