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Do You Believe in God?

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God Is Tired of Your Ceaseless Whining

God (above centre), the subject of this article.

No, this isn’t a poll – you don’t get to tell me anything. This is yet another result of my reflecting on a subject brought up in the course of daily events, while doing my part in said events.  I’m telling you stuff once again, and really you’re just serving as a proxy for me, in a lot of ways. If I happen to assist you in resolving an issue you’ve been having, nailing down a difficult point, or illuminating something that hadn’t occurred to you that way before, my day is more than complete.

Hanging around on the edges of various social, political, and etc activities and groups, I have occasion to cross paths with people with very strong religious beliefs – participants from developing countries, for instance, or recent immigrants. And while we get along fine and work together well in most cases, I can almost see the question that must be burning in their minds alive and hanging in the air.

For this exercise, you, the reader, will take the role of said religiously-inclined associate, and I will take the role of Me.

You: So, like, do you believe in God?

Me: Well, I’d be pretty dum not to, you know? I mean, based on evidence, God is just as believable as a large corporation, or better yet, the United States Army. Both God and the Army have individuals empowered to speak on their behalf who have to be, and are, taken as the absolute word by their followers. Both have control and/or ownership of extensive assets and property, and both have hordes of adherents who are willing to lay down their lives to follow their commands. Both are quite happy to make grand sweeping pronunciations that will affect the lives and well-beings of millions. God really tops the Army, of course, since he’s been at it so much longer, and has like billions upon billions of people at his disposable, whereas the Army, even when you count up the dependants of its serving members, the equipment and catering contractors, the permanently handicapped guys languishing in the veteran’s hospitals and the hospital staff members can’t really beat God’s roster. Especially when you consider the United States Army is manifestly a sub-section of God’s organization. And while both clearly have affected the evolution and ongoing function of nations, God has been doing that way longer. Beyond that, millions- billions -of people have developed and meaningful relationships with God, which they may pursue in groups or individually. God provides them with their purpose and a compass for their lives. Decisions are being every moment on the Earth based entirely on how God will feel about them. People are willing to die, and kill others just because they think it’s what God wants. I mean, seriously, the evidence is pretty strong – you’d have to be in pretty heavy denial not to believe in God.

You: OK, great. But does God, in the Abrahamic religious sense,  Guy-with-a-beard-on-a-cloud, you know, exist, like, as a separate identifiable entity?

Me: (Laughs) No, of course not. Don’t be stupid.


Written by balloonhed

November 14, 2010 at 11:01 pm

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