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i don’t know where it became the thing to do to to vote absurdly to express discontent with your own life. in canada, i guess it’s a side-effect of CNN beaming us the whole rush limbaugh/michael moore Axis of Absolutes. and i suppose you see more stupid hard-right voting because the left doesn’t provide many black and white icons, being fractured (they say), and because of the climate of “it’s my money and that’s all that matters” that our unlovely prime minister harpo has turned the political conversation into. and right wing types are excellent at convincing people to vote against their own best interests, with their specialization in demagoguery.

you have to wonder when it will all end, though – the U.S. and it’s stubborn voting for Bush jr. twice in a row, almost pleased with itself over the world’s disdain, then moronic teabaggers. and in canada a right-wing liberatarian in power who has convinced an apparent majority to rail against our fine tradition of socialism and adopt the mindless american belief that ruthless money-making is the thing to be admired, because someday we’ll all be rich and not need social services, fire fighters, or roads.


Written by balloonhed

October 28, 2010 at 10:10 am

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