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the girl and i saw this sign during construction and after – coming back from some mission with her in the stroller, i saw an older man who looked like something out of an underground comic – thin and disheveled, with wild gray hair, wearing a worn dress shirt, striped tie and vest – squatting on the grass next to the sidewalk on carling with a large industrial pail of paint. i initially couldn’t see what he was painting due to the colour. it looks like he was using “found” objects, possibly “found” at next door grant public school (closed due to an apparent three million repair tab, but the oldest school still standing in ottawa and designated a heritage property, therefor not demolished or converted into condos).

interesting to see this kind of grass-roots spontaneous dissent, especially in ottawa. i suspect the upcoming municipal election (which always brings interesting and frequently unqualified people out of the woodwork to run, such as our current mayor). i think it’s a quote from animal farm, but i guess it could also be religious in intent.

(October 23)

I suspect this is about the sale of the old Grant school to a Francophone health and community association, who are planning on turning it into a health and community centre for the Francophone population of west-end Ottawa. It will also include seniors residences, and they organization has promised to maintain the green space and playgrounds.

Old-school Ottawa Valley anglophone rage has risen at this- the typical screams of the French taking over everything, crushing English culture. Suspicions are flying around that the French received significant government help to make the purchase in the form of grants. Local political caveman demagogue terry kilrea is running for city council on this issue.

I think, though, it summarizes like this – the building needs three million dollars in work, including the removal of asbestos insulation, updating of wiring, etc etc. The Ottawa board of Ed didn’t want to, or can’t, do it. The Francophone group has the money and is willing to do the work, and to put the building to a good use. This is better than having deteriorate and then torn down, or (even worse) converted to condos like so many old buildings in Ottawa (two other former school board buildings, and the old nunnery on Wellington), which would probably include the large green space around it being covered in yuppie-hutch town homes.

If paranoid English-speakers think their can be a “better” use than what’s being planned, let’s hear it. If the re-developers got government money, it’s because they have a good plan. The only other plan i could see was to let it sit around and be used as a party place for teenagers.


Written by balloonhed

October 4, 2010 at 9:46 am

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