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Going Gay

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(republished because apparently september 23 is is bi visibility day, an option everyone should have the right to consider)

The other day, the boy told me which of his (male) classmates he’s likely to “go gay” with, just as he`s informed me which of his female classmates he`d like to marry. I asked for background on the term – it is apparently applied to any set of boys who get along really well, who `love`each other. For the most part he and his classmates don`t seem to get the*other* implications of love, but he says he can see himself loving and spending his life with another boy as well as a girl. The boy has friends who have same-sex parent sets, relatives that prefer the same gender, and has had the whole thing explained to him. It`s totally acceptable to him – what surprised me is that it appears to be acceptable to his peers.

I explained to him that many people have issues with the concept, since their thinking is framed in terms of religion, tradition, and occasionally fears of their own deep-down desires. he found that puzzling and silly. I also pointed out many people see same-sex love as unnatural` as the `parts don`t fit together well,` (introducing the physical aspect of the whole thing), even though it does occur amongst many sorts of animals and humans are believed to have some predisposition to it. he took this all in stride.

While I have to acknowledge the boy goes to an alternative school in a privileged and educated neighbourhood, this relaxed and accepting attitude regarding homosexuality filled me with relief. While there does appear to be some teasing involved in the delivery of the `going gay` concept, it is more of the “sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g` variety than the `hey faggot!` insult-grade use common to school grounds i traveled as a child, or in most other places today, including adult venues. `going gay` is comparable to `liking`a girl, it seems – both possible and acceptable in the minds of these kids, but equally tease-worthy.

this is progress. this is human spiritual evolution. This is a hopeful thing for me, and indication that education and modeling of accepting attitudes is paying off. An upcoming generation is starting out with an open mind about sexuality. Granted they`re a subsection of their generation, and a privileged one at that, but they will have influence on how things continue to shape up.


Written by balloonhed

September 23, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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