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If the world is going to be one huge gossip pool where every lame thing worth noting or outrageous enough to be shocking is immediately repeated, we really should work on a damage-control threshold function for the internet. Once upon a time, backwards people used to do stuff that would offend each other all the time in different corners of the world, but the involved parties could only suspect each other’s intent and activities. Now, it appears that insensitive and narrow-minded types do shocking stuff with the intent of the scandal-hungry internet picking it up and carrying it to the world. It then instantly and globally becomes a black-and-white rallying point for parties on both sides of the issue so disturbed. This kind of lame idea globalization is damaging to an already delicate world mental health situation.

the future is your friend


Written by balloonhed

September 12, 2010 at 9:45 am

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