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random stupid things done by governments probably under corporate influence #1

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As part of the `war on drugs` the US bankrolled the spraying of coca-producing regions with a brand-name herbicide and the experimental release of modified versions of a fungus previously known for almost destroying the banana industry in Panama. The results – resourceful coca growers have made a herbicide-resistant coca strain by breeding the plants that survive such sprayings, and the fungus has predictably jumped to non-coca jungle plants. Coca and cocaine production reduction: negligible. Oxygen and biodiversity-providing jungle reduction: excellent potential.

The “war on drugs” concept got a good government boost way back in the  early-mid part of the last century when hemp was showing good potential to replace wood pulp as a source of paper. Hearsts and Du Ponts and similar creatures with hooks into the US government were concerned about their holdings in the tree-killing and processing industry, and thusly lobbied for the criminalization of the whole pot family tree. Thanks to this bit of corporate/rich guy self protection, the whole world has to suffer under the american holier-than-thou anti-pot pose. thanks, guys.

The `war on drugs`consistently seems to use weapons with warped sights . . . everything around the intended target (law and order, justice and truth, economies, cultures, villages, families, traditions, flora and fauna) gets shot instead of the target. the `war on drugs`appears to be yet another example of actual humans and the stuff they depend on being sacrificed in the name of abstract (and usually obsolete, partisan, and downright silly) ideals held up by right-wing and monied interests (are they the same? hmmm). legalizing cocaine kills the motivation for organized crime, reduces crime associated with funding and distribution, introduces the concept of revenue through taxation, gives currently imperiled coca farmers a legit line of work, negates the need for billions for `the war on drugs, allows for the product to be regulated and controlled dosage-wise, and may even satisfy right wing elements as the user base kills itself off with legal overuse. It`s a win all around!


Written by balloonhed

April 27, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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