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Jello Biafra

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OK, i’m used to ranting in other forms and not trying to keep something updated – my blogging discipline is not honed, so i post stuff i write down all week while trapped in a cube rabbiting away.

I saw jello biafra  in concert the other day – i was partially expecting the burnout-broke phenomena that groups like the sex pistols have returned to touring on – `we need the money.` what i got was an artist who hasn`t faltered one bit from his original world view, and is touring because he`s still creating and still has a message (relatively unchanged, at that) that he needs to share. i`d followed him off and on through the 90`s and 00`s, but being pessimistic always assume that everyone weakens and gets carried away by the current, eventually.

it`s encouraging to see a 51 year old stage-diving, spewing water, exchanging insults, and wringing his shirt out onto an excited and clearly enthusiastic audience. you don`t have to mediocre out your views and beliefs, settle down and tow the line as you get older. well, i always knew it was true, but the world lacked any really good examples. the audience dedication was also good – great to see amongst the younger fans (mostly classically decked out in Mohawks, studs, and anti-nazi propaganda), and so-so in the older fans (for the most part looking like the cube-monkeys they no doubt have sold out to be, with a few still with an edge of sorts). Jello`s message was clearly well received by the younger fans and nodded to (but by appearances not well applied) by the older ones.

jello and the band played mostly new music, which pertains to current events. he commented that punk bands are about new stuff and therefor shouldn`t keep playing old stuff, but did do ùbe alles`updated for arnold, and holiday in cambodia (apparently his personal favourite of that era). I don`t know what impact the legal wrangling of song ownership had on his playlist.

there was an inner band of stage-crunched types right under Jello`s nose, backed up by the most bit, which in turn was ringed by non-moshers and the older set further out. head-nodding and pogoing slowly infected its way from the stage outwards.  the mosh pit was lively and showed the good natured stuff you see in a good pit – exchanged pats on the back after especially good shove, smaller people being protected, people in trouble getting helped out.

(converse running shoes! get over them, people! there your are listening to an anti-corporate messiah, wearing the product of one of the greatest corporate monsters ever!)

jello`s message is pretty hard-core lefty-anarchist, probably too much for reality. The US green party sees him as a viable presidential candidate, which says a lot about the party`s realistic hopes of actually upsetting the two-party system.


Written by balloonhed

April 10, 2010 at 8:39 am

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