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Converse=Nike, which is of course a lot more bloated corporate eviiil

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I know that converse running shoes used to be the shoe of choice for discerning alterna-aspirants . .   but get with the times: Converse belongs to Nike, the poster child for unpleasant corporate sports behaviour. Converse are a nod to the dead past, a check in the box of  “I don’t care what’s going on,” , a sock puppet in the service of Profit Before All. (kinda like poor old Nike itself, which was started by a well-meaning running coach who handmade shoes for his runners, but has become something spelled out in rhinestones on hoodies worn by people who will never run)

If you want to have alternative footwear, consider any of these happier options:

-You local thrift store (you may even get some converse there – the process of being sold through at thrift store, especially a charity-benefiting one, will purge much of the Nike evil from them. i believe it – tell your friends that. )

-Your local army surplus store

Pricey alternatives, but worth it . . . besides, what do they charge for converse these days?

Ethletic Converse look-alikes:

Vegetarian shoes: (the name tag alone messes some people’s brain’s up)

Blackspot Unswooshers:


Written by balloonhed

April 10, 2010 at 8:26 am

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