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Demonology for Today’s World

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I’ve typically compared large multinational corporations to some form of post-human life form that either evolved from humanity, or landed on the planet and are harvesting our useful bits for their own sustenance. whoever, this morning half asleep on the bus it occurred to me that a black magic scenario really does the whole thing more justice . . .

A corporation often behaves like a mindless monster following its masters orders without regard to consequences or impact, which makes it a lot like a zombie or a Frankenstien type monster. However, they are also very capable acting themselves by twisting reality, subverting or frightening their enemies, and corrupting bystanders, so likening them to a brutish and cunning demon is probably the best bet. The demon in this case is summoned to serve the ends of one or more powerful sorcerer types (typically male) who are keen to gather more power. It often will be initially summoned to serve well-intentioned ends, such as marketing a quality product or useful service but eventually the greed for more power on the part of its controllers, or the desires of the demon itself subverts all its activities entirely to the power quest.

Demons of this sort are very hard to destroy. They can be be weakened by reducing the number of people who fear or believe or otherwise patronize them, and this often happens in the fullness of time. Weakened demons are usually consumed by stronger ones. Fighting one head-on requires a strong heart, a clear mind that cannot be clouded by the monster’s tongue, the talent to help others see through the mist of lies, and plenty of the same type of power the beast is seeking. Demons have been successfully injured by organized groups of humans – S’Dlanodcm, the Clown of Evil (proper names of all such entities are reversed in documents such as this, to avoid drawing their attention), suffered a reduction of power and influence after a series of ongoing attacks. Sadly, the endless patience and long life of these beings means they often can sit through such periods and return to full power as the full knowledge of their crimes fades with the passing of generations of humans and successive commercial breaks.

These demons gain power for themselves and their masters by corrupting the minds of normal humans. They will stop at nothing to do so, and alter facts and often national laws towards this end. Turning their victims into mindless fanatical supporters is the ideal they typically follow. Individuals and groups with more power of any sort are usually tempted or threatened into cooperation. Shapeshifting, the assumption of identities 9see below), and other means to disguise intent and methods are commonly used to confuse and lure the unwary.

Demons can be forcibly controlled or possessed by other groups of sorcerers, or even by other demons. It all comes down to the power the involved parties have available.

The sorcerers who foolishly summon these creatures are only nominally in control – they are often thrown from the circle benefiting from its actions with no notice, and occasionally trashed by it in the process. The greed for power that motivated the summoning also leads to bad decision making wherein an individual or lesser group of sorcerers may try and betray the larger group by turning the demon to their own ends, or even by cheating the demon itself of its power, but this usually ends up in their downfall, curiously by punishment inflicted by the very forces the demons are typically arrayed against.

The earth, all its contents, and its inhabitants are viewed only as means to gather power by these demons. the exhaustion of any of these aspects generally just opens a new avenue to make some new Unholy Offering on These monster will suck the earth dry, control local laws and customs to convince locals to poison their offspring, warp the minds of adults and children, anything to exchange their Unholy Offerings for power

These demons often travel under many names, frequently those of lesser demons and other fanciful creatures they have consumed. This is often done to make use of any goodwill the masses of humanity may hold towards the defunct being whose name is in use.  For instance, the Great One, Eltsen, called Eater of Babies and Controller of the Waters, often passes itself off as any of the following former rival or allied demons:

Pohs Ydob Eht (Eltsen benefits from this one’s image as a friend to the Earth and its foolish mortal creatures)
Pnirgellep Nas (a Mediterranean being with a reputation based on being the purveyor of salubrious beverages)
Rebreg (An ancient Nourisher of Babies, corrupted by the thirst for power but still viewed as trustworthy by the masses)

(I started to rewrite this in Magickal Speake (“Know, friend, and be warned – the Demons of this time take many forms . . .”), but then decided I really should be doing the rabbity job I’m paid for, instead of writing junk. maybe some other time.)


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March 29, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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